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We are a full-fledged service aviation company delivering a variety of excellent services such as business jet services, Charter Aircraft, sales and management. AlWissam Aviation gives its clients access to the most modern fleet of jets available worldwide. Our travel consultants will help you determine the right jet altered for your specific needs combined with effortless luxury and comfort. Our aim at AlWissam Aviation is to offer comfort while providing our clients with the best private aviation experience in a rich and luxurious environment.


One of our main objectives is to ensure our clienteles safety while enriching the quality of services and reliability. We are dedicated to providing high-class quality jets while simultaneously ensuring the integrity and safety of our clients and aviation system. We aid in terms of understanding the client’s needs, categorizing a suitable model tailored to the specific client’s requirement and choice. We pay a great deal of attention to all of the little details and provide our clients with the finest deluxe services.

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