About Wissam Jamjoom

Wissam Jamjoom, the founder & CEO of AlWissam Aviation has been quoted saying, “I have a simple philosophy. Perfection is the key to customer satisfaction.” He believes in delivering outstanding services to all of his clientele. Mr. Jamjoom is an expert in and holds a rich background in Aviation. He has a wide spectrum of knowledge in the field of Marketing & Sales, and is a prominent figure in the business of Private Aviation in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.

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Our mission is to be the premier, business Aviation Company in the Middle East and to provide comfort to our valuable customers by delivering our services accustomed to their needs through professional management and effective practices.


AlWissam Aviation’s vision is to become the top grossing aviation services company in the Gulf region by consistently providing reliable, high-class quality jets with exclusive services for its’ clients and their families.